zondag 9 oktober 2011

university (KULAK)

Bye bye high school, welcome new life !
I've met new people, other teachers. Now we're following classes in an auditorium.
And we're not anymore obliged to attend classes! (I feel more independent :) )
Before the academic year began, we went to Anseremme for 5 days or something. So we had the opportunity to socialize with other new students. We had a great time!
lots of love,


Here are some pictures, taken in springtime, enjoy ! :)

(my cat)


I've got a lot to tell you all. It's been a long time I've posted something. And actually, there's changed a lot. :) I passed the admittance exam for medical school! Right now, I'm not longer in high school, but in a school called university. And I like! (new friends, no more unattended tests, more parties.. )
Oh and my parents got the idea to buy an other house, so we're moving! That's really exciting. :)
In the summer holidays, I went off to Croatia in a fortnight, together with my best friend (Justine), my sister (Anne) and a couple of friends of her. In August, we made a trip to Great-Britain (Dover, Canterbury, Whitstable). It was short, but I liked it! I also did some photography during the last year, especially photos of the scenery in different seasons. I hope you enjoy the time on my blog :)
Lots of love,