maandag 29 november 2010

my dear,

Here's a little kind of summary of what i've been doing the last month. On the second picture you can see some friends of school and me. We were serving spaghetti and the profit went to our schooljourney to the Czech Republic. We did a good job!
On the other picture I was doing a 'performance' on guitar in the shopping near by my place (see pic. on the top). Together with some friends I know from the music lessons. I had great hopes of it, but actually it wasn't that spectacular. But we made a lot of fun and afterwards we were treated on pancakes and waffles.
I also did a birthdayparty, that was fun! Just dislike that I always have to leave parties at 12.30u, can you believe that? The reason is that the day after I have to work, so I can't really permit to stay longer... But there's coming a gala-ball and I'll stay to 4 am or something!
And of course, exams are coming (in a week or something). Believe me, I hate that! Of course I wish all of you good luck on your exams!
But I'm looking forward to the Christmas holidays!