vrijdag 2 juli 2010

Birthdayparty Anne (16) & Sophie (17)

Two days ago, I had a birthdayparty together with my sister Anne, who's one year younger than me. There came 10 friends over to our place and we slept in a tent on the farm besides my house. We drank delicious cocktails and we ate hotdogs. When everyone had enough, we started playing the guitar and singing well-known songs like 'Hey soul sister', 'The climb', 'Our song', 'I'm yours'... Oh god, we had an awesome time! Here are some pictures, cause they can tell more than you can imagine! :D

2 opmerkingen:

  1. twa bjisitg!=D zeg...blijkbaar hebje meer foto's dan die die op fb staan?? xD

  2. thanks! :D
    jamaar de foto's op facebook zijn van Tine (of ja toch een paar ervan). Maar wij hebbn dr ook getrokkn met ons fototoestel en die staan niet of fb. xxx
    love all your comments! ;)


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