zaterdag 17 juli 2010


I'm back from Spain, and yes, as you can see on the photos I had a GREAT time! We've visited Girona, Empuria, Rosas and Barcelona. In Rosas we've followed the WK contest on a big screen and there was a lot of ambiance cause Spain won the contest! I'm not gonna tell everything cause that would cost me a lot of time. I think the pictures will say enough. ;)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. haha, idd, kgaa da nooit meer vergeten...
    zaaaaaaaalig :D

  2. OH MY GOD. THAT LOOKS SO FUN! I wish I could go on vacation like that!

    xo, Sophia

  3. oooh!! i see that you have great time in spain!!

    i want to tell you that we live in the same country now!! i'm in brussels!

    write back soon!!!

    xoxo, Mariza!

  4. It's really nice here even If it rains the whole daY! I kinda miss my friend but I'll be ok...!
    About meet each other! I'm gonna add you in facebook to talk more private!



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