dinsdag 15 juni 2010

Me and my guitar

a couple of days ago, I've bought a capo. That's a thing you have to put on your guitar strings to play, like you can see on the photo's. For some songs, you need a capo for example 'Hey soul sister' (you can find chords and tabs of all songs on www.ultimate-guitar.com) . Now I can play every song with chords. I'm so happy! Hmm, maybe later on I will post a short video of me, playing the guitar. But there's one problem, I can play, but singing is not one of my bestest things. So I've decided to wait, until I've found someone who would like to sing with me.
The clothes I wear on the picture, are those who've worn on my oral exam of Latin, this morning. Oh yeah, I've passed it well. Pff, tomorrow physics, and really, you can believe me, I hate physics!

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  1. Congratulations on passing! I believe you asked me once where I live. Well, I live in the United States in Massachusetts, but I am Dominican.

    xo, Sophia


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