woensdag 9 juni 2010

Exams, you suck!

it's the first time I'm gonna write a post in English, so please don't mind the spellingmistakes. :p
The exams will start tomorrow and that's the most stupid time of the whole schoolyear, I think most people will agree. So with my hair out of my eyes, my calculator and my dictionary by my side, I'm totally ready to start! Hmm, but I'm already looking forward to the summer holidays. I will spend a fortnight time in Spain with my friends and then I'll go to Tsjechiƫ with my family.
I'll tell you something more about that later on. But now, I must leave you, cause I have to study a lot of French vocabulary. :(
Ooh and if you have also exams --> succes!
And the others who have already done their exams, enjoy your holidays!
Bye bye

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  1. I agree. :)
    succes met je examens!

  2. I am doing exams this week until next tuesday! Ironic, right? My first exam is also French and I have to study a lot of vocabulary. Francais n'est pas difficile.

    xo, Sophia

  3. Ik heb nog super veel examens ;D Om precies te zijn : nog 12, en ik heb er nu 6 gedaan.. dus dankje :)

  4. Hey Sophie!!
    I can totally feel you! I'm having my final exams right now, too. Hopfully, the exams 'll finish the next Thursday!

    I know that is really dificult to come to Greece but It's ok! I'm gonna stay in Brussel for 3 years at least, so we'll have the opportunity to meet each other some day!

    Good Luck With your Exams!!

    xoxo, Mariza!

  5. Good luck on your exams.
    Have a lovely weekend.


  6. Ja, chemie, opt eerste zicht was lik berumoeilijk, ma alsk mij echt concentreerde, dan lukte et nog wel.
    Ma,tmocht wel ze,ka der echt zot lang aangezeten: heel de middag chemie en dan rap rap nog godsdienst in een uur ezo :p
    En oe ist van gij gegaan?
    - reageer anders terug op mijn blog, want anders gaak et nie zien.


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