dinsdag 15 juni 2010

Detail of my lucky vest

Here's a detail of my vest I've worn on all my oral exams. And every time, it brought me luck. Haha, oh man, what am I superstitious!
Do you like it? Do you also have a thing that brings luck?
Byeeee xx

Me and my guitar

a couple of days ago, I've bought a capo. That's a thing you have to put on your guitar strings to play, like you can see on the photo's. For some songs, you need a capo for example 'Hey soul sister' (you can find chords and tabs of all songs on www.ultimate-guitar.com) . Now I can play every song with chords. I'm so happy! Hmm, maybe later on I will post a short video of me, playing the guitar. But there's one problem, I can play, but singing is not one of my bestest things. So I've decided to wait, until I've found someone who would like to sing with me.
The clothes I wear on the picture, are those who've worn on my oral exam of Latin, this morning. Oh yeah, I've passed it well. Pff, tomorrow physics, and really, you can believe me, I hate physics!

maandag 14 juni 2010


Today I passed my fourth exam, and that was mathematics. I'm so happy it's over.

Tomorrow I have on oral exam of Latin. We've read authors like Catullus, Vergillius and Horatius.

We also have to study a lot of philosophy and that's not easy! :o

The picture you see, is a women who Catullus loves. (not that interesting, but yeah, it's the only I can talk about, cause the exam is tomorrow) But now I'm gonna leave you before it comes too boring! :D

bye bye xx

btw, love al your reactions! It means a lot!
thank you people xx

woensdag 9 juni 2010

Exams, you suck!

it's the first time I'm gonna write a post in English, so please don't mind the spellingmistakes. :p
The exams will start tomorrow and that's the most stupid time of the whole schoolyear, I think most people will agree. So with my hair out of my eyes, my calculator and my dictionary by my side, I'm totally ready to start! Hmm, but I'm already looking forward to the summer holidays. I will spend a fortnight time in Spain with my friends and then I'll go to Tsjechië with my family.
I'll tell you something more about that later on. But now, I must leave you, cause I have to study a lot of French vocabulary. :(
Ooh and if you have also exams --> succes!
And the others who have already done their exams, enjoy your holidays!
Bye bye

woensdag 2 juni 2010

Summer is coming!

ik heb niet meteen iets recents om te posten. Maar nu de zomer in aantocht is, wel ik wel wat
zomerse herinneringen ophalen. Bij het kijken naar die foto's krijg ik echt zo'n heimwee naar de zomer! Btw, nog 3 weken en het is vakantie voor ons hier in België. :D Hmmm, zalig dat gevoel.
Maar eerst moeten we ons nog een weg door de examens banen... Bij deze veel succes aan al degene die nog examens hebben! :)

Ik heb gewoon een paar collages gemaakt met een aantal zomerfoto's van vroeger. (good memories!) Het zijn foto's van op kamp, met de tent, in Tsjechië, en nog zoveel meer...

Ojaa en ook een van ik mijn jongste zus samen. (Elisabeth)

Zomerse groetjes,

Sophie xx

ps: Thank you for giving comments!